We have all heard it.  Put your best foot forward.  How about put your best face forward.  During these crazy days of quarantine and pandemic crisis we have heard all about various types of masks to help keep us & our loved ones safe from the evil COVID-19.  Well, we have created a Special Edition.  Out of salt.  Why?  Well, research suggests that salt can actually neutralize viruses in 5 minutes AND kill them within 30!  Including COVID-19 and other coronaviruses that can remain on surfaces; including your mask, for days creating the threat of transmission.  A mask that can kill lethal pathogens rather than just block them. 
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The Sea Salt & Fishnet Face Masks are also enhanced with spiritual elements to drive away evil. FUN FACT - If you're new to cleansing away negative energies or protection rituals, one of the first things you'll be told to try isn't a special crystal or any sort of spell candle, it'll be salt. Yes, the humble salt in your pantry.  The spiritual uses for salt are just about as wide and ranging as it's everyday or "practical" uses. 
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For added defense, every Sea Salt & Fishnet Face Mask has been charged with a protection intention to keep the wearer safe from anything harmful that might come their way; including viruses and evil spirits - in case your into that sort of thing!


So, if you're sick of sitting on the sofa sulking, get out this summer with an added sense of safety armed in style & science.  N95 & Vogue inspired, the NEW Sea Salt & Fishnet Face Masks are significantly superior personal protection masks.  They may hide your smile, but they'll definitely bring a smile to everyone's face!  Whilst being lifesaving of course!

Stay safe from killer sea serpents to slaying SARS or crushing the coronavirus!  Washable & reusable with anti-viral properties.  Masks designed for style & safety.
Perhaps the first of its kind...


Dress it up or dress it down. Formalize or tear it up. With a variety of 6 Fishnet Styles in combo with 15+ Color Display Design Styles AND OVER 50 Colors to mix it up with; every mask is handmade with love and custom made-to-order, so every mask is unique and made just for you!

Start the fascinating adventure of creating your personalized Sea Salt & Fishnet Face Mask with an array of enchanting colors from our Under the Sea palette; that inspires to capture the spirit of the Legend of the Lost City of Atlantis.  Blue Lagoon (Deep Blue Aqua with Turquoise & Blue Sparkles & Blue Glitter) is the prominent color for this mask.  Crystal clear waters and white sandy bottom.  Paradise.  As day drowns into evening the mystic colors of the lagoon morph into varying shades of turquoise, blue and deep indigo in different depths. Spring into these technicolor waters with Coral Reef (Light Pink with Gold Glitter), alluring Mermaid (Turquoise with Aqua Glitter) and a touch of Magic (Dark Purple with Purple Sparkles)!

OR Start with another lead color by visiting the related products section in our online store. Select your Size, Style & Design and as many mix up to 5 colors if you wish!  Match it with your jacket or your favorite pair of shoes!

Create personalized & unique masks made with anti-viral properties fashioned just for you!

Choose from a variety of different styles of netting including Grunge Rock Salt (which looks SUPER rough & tough!), White Netty, Diamond & Delicate.  Please select your choice of netting along with your design preference.  And then choose your colors!  Please keep in mind that these are handmade with love and made-to-order so every mask will be unique and made just for you! For personalized design requests please e-mail us at


There are three lengths of netting available. Long Fringes are fin-tastic not only for extra protection in keeping goblins away, but they make for fun photos! Even during these times of uncertainty we should still try to have a little fun! Tag us on Instagram @seasalt_n_fishnets with you pics for repost & to WIN A Custom-Made Sea Salt & Fishnet Face Mask!  After your fun photo shoot you can simply trim the whimsical fringes down to turn the mask into a Practical Style.

Bliss in the stillness of the Blue Lagoon,

with water as warm as blood, salty as tears

& and as deeply mysterious as the universe.

Like the luminous sky just near darkness,

Blue Lagoon draws you in and bathes you

in indigo petals and wild berries...

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About the Artist:  Each Sea Salt & Fishnet Face Mask is a Homemade Limited Edition!  Please note that although you may have design options regarding the color and style of your mask; the final design; however, will ultimately be at the discretion of the artist depending on materials available.  Fishnet fabric is cut free hand and will not appear exactly as depicted.  For major discrepancies you may be contacted via e-mail to approve of revisions to your order.  Your mask is more than just a superiorly amped up defense PPE against viruses; it is a unique piece of art!  Suit up with fashion statement designed to serve & protect because you know you're worth it!  Follow all of the artist's designs on Instagram at @seasalt_n_fishnets Tag us with your photos for repost & WIN A Custom-Made Sea Salt & Fishnet Face Mask!

$1.11 from every sale of the Sea Salt & Fishnet Face Masks is donated to Doctors Without Borders.  Known the world over by its French acronym, MSF, for Medecins Sans Frontiers, is sending aid to the countries hit hardest by Covid-19 and strengthening the infection controls in its already established programs, as well as maintaining existing help in the 70-plus countries it regularly assists.