DIY Project: Turn Any Mask Into an N95 Style with Anti-Viral Properties from Home!

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

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DIY Project: Turn Any Mask Into an N95 Style with Anti-Viral Properties from Home!

Due to it's tight fit, N95 Masks are the #1 recommended mask to help prevent the spread of viruses, like the Covid-19's small, airborne infectious particles. However, the N95 mask is NOT reusable NOR washable like our NEW Comfort Fit Protective Masks, which also fits snug on your face.

I) Through some research, we have discovered that the main active ingredients that help to make the N95 Masks viral repellent include non-toxic items that can be easily found in your local health food stores. To enhance your re-usable masks to become a more virus fighting mask you can easily insert homemade filters made out of Citric Acid powder. Just make sure you're not allergic to it or to any of the residues that may have occurred during it's manufacturing process. Although it can trigger allergies in rare cases, citric acid is generally deemed safe. Simply cut two pieces of a coffee filter the size of the filter holder inside of your mask, sprinkle a little bit of citric acid into it and then seal up the sides of your homemade filter with a little bit of non-toxic school glue!

Research shows that Citric Acid deactivates viruses because it creates a low pH environment that viruses don't like to live in. The makers of the true N95 Masks might also add powdered Zinc / Copper to their formula; but Citric Acid, in our opinion was the one active ingredient that we could create from home for our DIY Project. It is the best choice to amp up our Reusable Masks with a bit of extra added protection.

It's fair to assume that everyone has salt in their kitchen. As a staple spice, salt can be used to season nearly any food. But this popular spice has several other uses that most people don't even know about... According to Food Microbiology, salt is a powerful antibacterial and antiseptic. That's why our mom's tell us to gargle with warm salt water when we have a sore throat. Clever. But what's even clever are the findings from the research conducted by a Canadian Biomedical Engineer who states that salt can even KILL THE CORONAVIRUS!

II) We came across an exciting article from Business Insider headlining: A biomedical engineer created a mask coated in salt that he says could neutralize viruses like the coronavirus in 5 minutes. It describes how "face masks can be almost impossible to keep on properly. Wearers constantly touch them to readjust, move them to scratch their faces, and regularly take them off and put them back on. All of those actions can help the gems on a mask's surface get into your body... But Hyo-Jick Choi, a biomedical engineer and professor at the University of Alberta in Canada, says he has a potential solution: A mask that can kill harmful pathogens, rather than just block them. The secret ingredient is table salt.

... They think the pathogen-neutralizing technology could significantly improve infectious-disease prevention efforts and hope to bring the masks to market within the next 18 months.

How the salty-coated mask works

"The coronavirus-carrying droplets, expelled from coughing, sneezing, speaking or breathing, can stay on the surface of masks," Choi told Business Insider. "The biggest technical challenge of the current surgical mask and N95 Respirator is that they cannot kill the virus sitting on the surface, which increases the chance of the contact transmission. but when a virus-carrying droplet encounters a mask coated in Choi's salt solution, he says, it begins to absorb the salt. Then once the liquid evaporates, all that remains is the virus and the crystallized salt - which slices through the virus, neutralizing it.

The process takes as long as it takes the water to evaporate, Choi said. In his lab tests, he added, "the virus is inactive within five minutes, and it all got destroyed within 30 minutes."

Unfortunately, we are currently fighting against the coronavirus pandemic and 18 months seems like an awful long time to wait for this technology to become accessible. So, in the meantime, guess what?... Yep, you probably guessed it... I will be adding tiny drops of school glue onto my masks and sprinkling table salt all over them! My DIY Tip #2 for trying to fight against this horrific coronovirus. Stay tuned to my BLOG as I try to uncover more ways we can all try to be a little more proactive in our fight to stay healthy and get out of quarantine faster!

Yes, yes my lil' boo thangs, I made an N95 Style Mask out of my bra! Lol And it works GREAT! :) It works just as well as any other homemade mask out there except it's a whole lot prettier! And I AMPED IT UP using the anti-viral techniques described above! I call it #BrasWithoutBorders and people really get a kick out of them! I figured we could all use a little fun right now. La Stocking has inspired me to start a line of face masks using the salted smart front technique. Stay tuned as we launch our NEW line of Sea Salt & Fishnet Face Masks for HIM & HER!

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I hope this blog article made you smile and helps you and your family to stay safe during the pandemic.

Sending Love & Prayers,

Take care of yourselves and of others,

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