#FREEBRITNEY America's Sweetheart Petition

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

For over a decade the legendary Princess of Pop; Britney Spears, has been under a conservatorship, which means that she doesn't have rights as a full fledged adult. The movement reached a critical mass with her September 2020 court case. It was the first time that Britney acknowledged the #FREEBRITNEY Movement. A recent court document states, "Britney welcomes and appreciates the informed support of her many fans..." She also wishes to have her "...conservatorship battle made public to air family secrets."

There have been a lot of speculation and rumors spinning around of course, but we strongly believe that if she is capable of making a ka-zillion $$$ for her 'team' [while being caged up like a circus animal who has performed 4 HIT Albums, 3 World Tours and 248 Vegas Shows over the past 12 years] then she should at least have had a say in who is hired to represent her as her lawyer to express her wishes. With this conservatorship she was unable to properly fight for her freedom because she wasn't legally allowed to hire her own lawyer.

In October 2020, Britney scored a huge victory in her battle in court as she fights to remove her father, Jamie Spears from the conservatorship. According to court documents, a Los Angeles Superior Court judge has granted a motion allowing Britney to hire her own litigation counsel.

So, Britney is deemed mentally stable enough to tour the world 3 times since 2007, but not to hire her own lawyer? C'mon! Under the arrangement, Spears has no legal control over her estate or financial and personal assets — those rights were granted to her father and a lawyer. ... The conservatorship was recently extended through February 1, 2021, and a recent court filing revealed that Britney wants to make her future court hearings public.

Let's not let our Princess of Pop down. Take action by signing our petition #FREEBRITNEY America's Sweetheart so that Britney may regain control of her personhood and live on her own terms! In coping with this worldwide pandemic for 12 months [and counting... ] we've had but a mere taste of what this conservatorship must feel like for Britney. Could you remain in quarantine for over 12 years? And as if that didn't bite, how would you feel if you were not legally allowed to decide who you date, what you eat, how you support yourself or even what doctor you see? ect... ect... ect...

This isn't just about the palpable fear many have for Britney's well-being, it's that while the media still blames her 2008 breakdown as the reason for the lack of freedom - many other well paid, hard working actors and musicians in Hollywood have punched photographers, assaulted women, even killed people; and yet, O.J. Simpson gets to decide who he dates! Sean Penn doesn't have to ask permission to drive a car... Even Robert Downey Jr. has control over his finances. Partly because we live in a world that feels that while men deserve the space to make mistakes and retain their liberty - women do not. This petition fights for Britney's freedom and the rights of all women. Please SIGN NOW

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